It’s only right…

It’s only right that you should play the way you feel it,
but listen carefully to the sound.

Stevie Nicks

It’s easy to think that you are going forward. But in this world of endless options and opportunities, you really can’t help feeling as if you are going in circles. 

I, like many early bloggers, have had very negligent relationships with paper diaries. And I don’t know why. I loved the feel of ink rolling across a solid page. but my clumsy hands could barely follow, my half-thoughts barely worthy of ink.

I write lists now. Only the necessities. No frills allowed. 

Will I have the same relationship with this blog? I hope not. Here I’m trying to prove to myself that I can commit to something I set my mind to. Do I have a mind worth setting?  

There are no authority figures to scrutinize. There are no people to despise working around. There is no controlling figure to blame. If I do not keep up with this blog, it is my fault. 

But it is also something I can take pride in here. Something I can say is mine–my creation, my heart, my mind.

I can take what is perplexing in my life and give it a voice. A new perspective, regardless of who reads. I’ll have another blog for that. Right now I am but an infantile blogger. Here for me, to set me apart from the rest of the rif-raff that seems to dominate this largely imaginary space we call the internet.

Don’t know quite what you will need, but are you ready?


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