Of endings and beginnings

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible. Suddenly, you are doing what’s impossible” St Francis Assisi

This morning I took my youngest brother to school. He did not vocally mourn the passing of the winter break. It’s like he had completely transitioned into the momentum of the school year–or at least defeated by it.

This Christmas season had been a particularly joyous one. I was a lot more receptive to the energy that Christmas and New Year festivities were meant to bring and, of course, that made a huge difference. I was past the longing, past the craving, and was ready for the change that the 2013-2014 year promises: A new home, a Master’s Degree, a new spouse and proud new additions to my already gargantuan family tree.

The feeling that the rest of my life will come together in a single year is exciting. Things that were impossible last year (or at least seemingly so) are now but a hope, skip, and a jump away. This year, I hope to use the energy of this excitement and fervently focus on the end result…

…an end heralding a string of inevitable beginnings 🙂


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