He takes it so harshly. My poor daddy bear dreads the idea of my getting married. Sharing my life, my body, my soul with another man. Maybe he thinks he will never see me again when I get married. The thought is preposterous to me, but it is a possibility for him. 

I want to call him silly, I want to call him crazy, but he’s just a Daddy, how can he help what he feels?

In this article about arranged marriage, the New York Times talks about some inherent logic in the age-old tradition. More support from the family is a good thing for the relationship between two people. But how much does the family know about the child that they feel they can take the liberty of choosing the person they spend the rest of their lives with? Surely there is a gentle medium?

Parents these days know less and less of the person that their child is becoming. And this is an issue of communication. Parents need to work more to maintain a quality lifestyle for their children–put them through school, feed them, clothe them etc. And kids these days have their heads so far up in the sky that it’s no surprise when they trip over their own feet.  



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