Happy Belated Chocolate Cake Day!

January 27th, is National Chocolate Cake day! Considering I’ve never heard such a holiday, I can only assume that my nation does not appreciate such a holiday. And as a overall chocolate lover, I’m ashamed that I had never sought such a day out on my own terms.

In the midst of my grief, I sought out a reason to this rhyme and found a National Food Holiday Calends. Apparently there’s a different food to be celebrated for all 365 days of the year (what’s more interesting is that the foods celebrated are sorely indicative of which Nation celebrates them).

It looks like Betty Crocker went obsessive-compulsive and made a dinner/dessert/drinking plan for the year. July is particularly interesting with 5 days dedicated to Alcoholic beverages. Some days are particularly sad, like Frozen Food Day on March 6. But there are others which are way too specific to have collectively acquired “National” recognition (such as Pizza with the works minus the Anchovies day on November 12)

But where’s the Saag Paneer Day? Rasgulla Day? Pine Tart Day? Those are days I’d make a big deal about. In all fairness, August 19 is Hot and Spicy Food day, and December 29 is Pepper-pot Day. There are also many days dedicated to Italian, German and Mexican Cuisine (and Thanks to Iron Man, Robert Downey Junior, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a Shawarma Day).

I suppose it’s not a map of what everyone should eat, but if you have foods you like to eat (however general or specific) there’s a day for you to celebrate it.

No one seems to know where or when Chocolate Cake day (or any other Food Holiday) originated, so I don’t feel so bad for missing out on one. If all else fails there’s also National Chocolate Cupcake day (October 13), or Milk Chocolate day (July 28),or Chocolate-covered Anything Day (December 16), or Fudge Day (June 16).

Check out the Calendar for yourself!


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