So it begins :)


The Wedding planning begins! Rahil proposed to me this past Valentine’s day! He’s a sneaky one and I will tell you why.

Rahil and I had decided to do things the “traditional” way. At the Engagement Party, he would propose in the presence of both our families and rings would be exchanged (yes I would get a ring for him too). The sneaky one, let me think that was that.

“You know this is a special day,” he said. I was confused.

He took out a box with the People’s logo on it, and it still didn’t click. I was still under the impression that this was not a proposal (that wasn’t supposed to happen). Maybe he got me some earings?

On bended knee he slipped the ring on my finger. It fit perfectly (which is a big deal because rings NEVER fit me perfectly). No flowers or fancy words. No words spelled out across the sky, or extravagant locations.

Just him and me.

…and a sense of utter completeness.

[PS pics to come!!!]